Therapixel and Ferrum Health announce collaboration to facilitate access to Breast Imaging AI

Therapixel and Ferrum Health collaboration provides the second read for breast lesion detection and characterization on screening mammography.

(Paris, France) November 29, 2021 – Therapixel, a software company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) applied to breast cancer screening, announced a partnership with Ferrum Health, the developer of a Healthcare AI Hub utilized by health systems to simplify and organize the deployment of artificial intelligence. Together, they bring life-saving AI technology to the early detection of breast cancer. Therapixel’s AI decision support for breast cancer screening is now available to Ferrum Health’s US-based clients, via the Ferrum Healthcare AI Hub. The collaboration brings Therapixel’s innovative AI software for mammography and Ferrum Health’s enterprise AI Hub to healthcare institutions and radiology practices looking to deploy breast health AI.

In this collaboration, Ferrum Health’s clients can access Therapixel software, MammoScreen® on their existing Ferrum Healthcare AI Hub and use it directly for concurrent reading decision support of screening mammograms or with Ferrum Health’s safety net program that provides a second reading service or assistance to quality teams during the peer-review of radiology studies.

“We are very excited to start this partnership with Ferrum Health. Technology alone cannot bridge the disparities of access to care. However, by supporting radiologists, it can contribute to saving lives. Artificial intelligence has the power to transform the way breast care is delivered, and this partnership with Ferrum Health will increase access to it,” said Matthieu Leclerc-Chalvet, CEO of Therapixel.

“Our mission is to support health systems wanting to use AI to improve patient care,” said Pelu Tran, CEO of Ferrum Health. “Breast screening drives early breast cancer detection and we all know the impact of early detection on patient outcomes. Working with Therapixel, we hope to make AI a standard of care in all breast imaging programs.”

About Therapixel
Therapixel is a French company with offices in Paris, Nice, and Chicago, specializing in the design and commercialization of AI-based medical imaging software, with the goal of delivering pertinent information at the right time to healthcare professionals. Winner of the Digital Mammography DREAM Challenge, the global competition on breast cancer detection with AI, Therapixel has developed MammoScreen®, a software that helps with the interpretation of screening mammograms. With MammoScreen®, even experienced radiologists can improve their performance, feel more confident in their judgment, and reassure patients quicker. More information at

About Ferrum Health
Ferrum Health simplifies the use of artificial intelligence for health systems, providing an on-premises AI platform that integrates a validated catalog of AI applications from around the world. With Ferrum, health systems can easily implement, validate, and monitor a diverse ecosystem of AI applications. Ferrum’s Healthcare AI Hub ensures world-class patient safety technology is available for all patients, assisting hospitals in driving equitable outcomes for all their patients. More information at

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