Technology use in lung cancer screening and early detection

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KNOWvember is lung cancer awareness month and while statistics show mortality rates have been decreasing, this is not true for everyone and there is still much work needed to truly make an impact on patient outcomes. This week’s Domain Knowledge highlights learnings from the fourth annual State of Lung Cancer report, looks at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services updated lung cancer screening guidelines and the need for early cancer detection.

While the five-year lung cancer survival rate is increasing overall, that same improvement is not seen in people of color. Lung cancer survival continues to improve, but not for all, highlights these disparities as well as other findings. The information is taken from the fourth annual State of Lung Cancer report from the American Lung Association.

Expanding lung cancer screening can save lives and the pending guideline updates are highlighted in Advocates applaud CMS proposal to expand eligibility for low-dose CT lung cancer screening.

AI technology can play a significant role in lung cancer detection. The article A New Artificial Intelligence Model for a More Accurate Lung Cancer Diagnosis provides an overview of AI models and the benefits being seen in early cancer detection.

Looking at the bigger picture, The Role of AI Technology in Cancer Detection, Diagnosis and Treatment addresses not just lung cancer but also breast cancer, kidney cancer, colorectal cancer… and the list goes on.

That’s a wrap for this week’s review of news and happenings in the healthcare AI space. In closing, I’ll leave you with an invitation to learn more about the benefits of using an end-to-end AI platform to manage multiple applications across your clinical needs and offer you a personal demo of Ferrum’s platform and growing AI catalog.

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Kathleen Poulos

Kathleen Poulos

Kathleen is a registered nurse with a digital marketing background, a love for using technology to solve healthcare challenges and a passion for improving patient care.


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