PODCAST: Using AI to Improve Healthcare Efficiency and Outcomes

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PODCAST: Using AI to Improve Healthcare Efficiency and Outcomes

Dr. Maxwell Cooper is a radiology resident at Emory University and the Co-Founder and CEO of DaVinci Academy. In his podcast series, the DaVinci Hour, Dr. Cooper interviews guests across various medical fields to get an inside look at their experiences and gain insight into developing medical technology, companies, and innovations.

Ferrum Health Co-Founders Pelu Tran and Kenneth Ko join Dr. Cooper to discuss the value of AI Hubs for healthcare systems and the main obstacles to efficient AI adoption today.

When discussing how AI improves efficiency, Pelu explains that the analytics and monitoring features of AI can transform workflows in addition to improving diagnostic results.

“These tools are fantastic when they’re run across populations, but they also lead to some interesting insights on how radiologists work and where our blindspots and weaknesses are.”

Other topics from the interview include:

  • Technical aspects and workflow of AI hubs
  • Ways to reduce medical error
  • Establishing trust in AI in healthcare
  • Three categories of AI deployment
  • Delivering better patient care in underserved areas
  • Uses for AI beyond radiology

Listen to the full podcast here

Watch the video podcast here

Alex Uy

Alex Uy

Alex is a recent UC San Diego graduate with a degree in economics and communications. His focus is digital marketing, and he has a passion for technology-driven healthcare solutions.


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