Ferrum Health expands its Oracle Cloud Marketplace portfolio to include top-tier vendors in Oncology, Cardiovascular, Orthopedics, and Neurology

New partnerships broaden AI capabilities within Oracle Cloud Marketplace, introducing a suite of AI applications to drive innovation and optimize patient care

LAS VEGASSept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ Ferrum Health, following its recent launch as the first comprehensive healthcare AI platform on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace (“OCI”), has added five best-in-class AI applications to its portfolio now available on OCI. These offerings support healthcare’s most valuable procedures: providing personalized breast care assessments, streamlining the prioritization of critical patients in Emergency Departments, facilitating accurate and swift radiologist detection in chest imaging, and aiding in the identification and care management protocols for chronic Vascular and Neurological conditions.

Ferrum Health now powers the following five applications on OCI:

iCAD ProFound Breast AI Suite: the first complete portfolio of clinically proven mammography-based AI solutions: finding breast cancers earlier and more accurately with cancer detection, reliably and consistently measuring breast density, and identifying patients with high-risk of developing breast cancer in the next 1 to 2 years.

Gleamer BoneView Trauma AI: the first AI-powered solution approved for adult and pediatric populations to aid radiologists, orthopedic surgeons, emergency physicians, rheumatologists, family physicians, and physician assistants in diagnosing fractures in their patients quickly and accurately, improving patient outcomes and reducing the risk of misdiagnosis.

Riverain Technology’s ClearRead CT with Clear Visual Intelligence: a workflow-friendly solution that gives clinicians an unimpaired view of the chest with tools for superior efficiency, accuracy, and detection of pulmonary nodules by suppressing vessels and then automatically detecting, characterizing, and reporting regions of interest.

Mediaire mdbrain(available in the USA for research use only) assists clinicians with strenuous and time-consuming exams by automatically measuring brain volumetry and characterizing key neurologic functions, providing effective differential diagnostics for patients with MS and dementia.

Nanox.AI Cardiac Solution HealthCCSng: automatically detects coronary artery calcification to help identify patients at risk of coronary artery disease without needing discrete imaging.

This extended AI application catalog, paired with Ferrum’s proprietary orchestration technologies and Oracle’s robust cloud infrastructure, allows health systems to easily access and deploy transformative tools to improve clinical efficiencies and patient outcomes.

Pelu Tran, CEO of Ferrum Health, highlighted the significance of this expansion: “Ferrum is excited to be making five of the industry’s leading clinical AI applications available to OCI and Cerner customers. By accessing these applications through Ferrum, Cerner, and Oracle Health, clients have a single platform to easily integrate, deploy, and manage these AI solutions at enterprise scale, driving provider efficiency and quality of patient care. Over the next several months, our focus will be on getting these tools into the hands of clinicians and expanding the available applications on Oracle Cloud Marketplace to include the more than 50 applications currently available through Ferrum Health.”

Ferrum Health will be a featured presenter at the upcoming Oracle CloudWorld Conference in Las Vegas on September 18-21 to commemorate this milestone. Healthcare professionals, technology enthusiasts, and media representatives are encouraged to schedule meetings with Ferrum Health’s team during the conference to explore the capabilities of these industry-leading AI applications.

For more information or to schedule a meeting with Ferrum Health during the Oracle CloudWorld Conference, please contact:

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Austin Deer
VP of Strategic Partnerships
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