Ferrum Health Co-Founder and CEO Pelu Tran Spoke on Use of AI in Managing Medical Errors

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Managing Medical Errors and Other Patient Safety Topics Took Center Stage at the Patient Safety Evaluation System 2022 Virtual Summit

Ferrum Health Co-Founder and CEO Pelu Tran Spoke on The Use of AI in Managing Medical Errors

(San Francisco, California) May 26, 2022 – Several experts in patient safety, healthcare analytics, and emerging healthcare technologies came together yesterday for a panel discussion at the Patient Safety Evaluation System (PSES) 2022 Virtual Summit. Pelu Tran. CEO of Ferrum Health, a leader in healthcare artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, joined Scott Masten, Ph.D., Vice President of Measurement Science and Data Analytics at the Hospital Quality Institute, and Michelle Newsom, RN, MSN and Safety and Reliability Clinical Advisor at Hospital Quality Institute to discuss the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in providing a population-level safety net for medical errors and gaps in care.

Mr. Tran discussed several important topics, including:

  • The common categories of medical errors of omission leading to malpractice and patient harm
  • The types of medical errors conducive to identification and prevention by artificial intelligence algorithms
  • How provider workflows can incorporate the results of artificial intelligence quality tools into existing protected quality committee and peer review activities
  • Metrics that should be measured and monitored to ensure deployed AI quality systems are delivering clinical value
  • How prevalent AI is in our everyday lives and various myths or concerns surrounding the widespread adoption of AI

Read more from Tran on AI as the ultimate QA and review a case study using AI as a safety net to address medical errors of omission.

In addition to the above, Dr. Masten and Ms. Newsom also discussed:

  • An ROI justification model for AI quality systems based on averted malpractice cases, downstream care, and outcome improvement
  • Challenges and next steps to address adverse events

PSES is an annual conference that curates information to help break down the requirements of the patient safety evaluation system into digestible pieces. The program addresses questions on how to manage institutional PSES to design innovative programs, accelerate efficiency, enhance reliability, and improve the delivery of patient care. This is Mr. Tran’s first time speaking as a presenter at the PSES Virtual Summit.

Mr. Tran is a healthcare technology entrepreneur who helps healthcare leaders and health systems implement quality care initiatives that improve patient outcomes and drive health equity. He co-founded Ferrum Health, an enterprise AI deployment platform with the mission of improving patient outcomes by democratizing health systems’ access to the most innovative and impactful clinical AI technologies from around the world. Today, more than 750,000 unique patient records have been analyzed via the Ferrum platform.

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