BoneView® AI Software Immediately Available on Ferrum Health’s AI Platform for United States Healthcare Providers

BoneView® AI Software Immediately Available on Ferrum Health’s AI Platform for United States Healthcare Providers

Ferrum Platform Integrates GLEAMER’s AI to Improve Accuracy of Diagnosis for Bone X-rays 
2022-07-06 10:00:00 – Sunnyvale, California, United States – (PR Distribution™)

Ferrum Health, a leader in healthcare artificial intelligence solutions, announces that GLEAMER’s BoneView® AI software is now available on Ferrum’s AI Hub platform. BoneView was developed to leverage AI in radiology to aid healthcare specialists in diagnosing fractures and traumatic injuries on X-rays. 

BoneView is a recent addition to Ferrum’s healthcare AI Hub, which offers a revolutionary and sophisticated infrastructure with user-friendly tools to manage a suite of AI algorithms. The AI Hub enhances and upgrades existing technology to provide access to AI capabilities that transform patient care.

“Our platform provides practical technologies that streamline the collection of and access to data to improve the accuracy of diagnosis and workflow,” said Pelu Tran, co-founder of Ferrum Health. “It targets the greatest pain points health systems experience, allowing the use of AI at enterprise scale.”

The addition of GLEAMER’s BoneView will aid radiologists, orthopedic surgeons, emergency physicians, family physicians, and physician assistants alike. BoneView detects fractures in X-ray images and submits them to radiologists for final validation, providing healthcare professionals with a safe, reliable, time-saving, and user-friendly tool.

This x-ray shows a single true-positive fracture of the right femoral neck (arrows). AI detected this fracture. One senior and one junior radiologist, two emergency department physicians, one physician assistant, three rheumatologists, and one family medicine physician missed the fracture.

BoneView AI detected this femoral neck fracture.

“Although femoral neck fractures are often caught by clinicians, in a busy clinical workflow with several images to read, these fractures can be missed,” said Tran. “This is the importance of AI – it can serve as a second read on every scan and vastly improve health equity for all patients.”

Another recent study demonstrated that BoneView helps detect and localize fractures over the entire appendicular skeleton, rib cage, thoracic and lumbar spine, improving sensitivity and specificity while reducing reading time. 

“BoneView can change everything about the way X-ray reading is done today,” said Christian Allouche, CEO and co-founder of GLEAMER. “In the value-based U.S. health care system, providers tell us they want to improve the radiographic diagnostic process, which accounts for a huge part of their workload, and optimize patient management. We are proud to offer clinicians and patients BoneView AI on Ferrum’s platform for this state-of-the-art advancement in radiology and patient care.”

Since the initial launch of Ferrum’s AI Hubs, the company continues to make the platform’s evolution a priority. Ferrum has identified and integrated multiple AI healthcare applications from around the world that are working toward this same vision of a higher quality and a safer patient journey. 

“We have recognized an explosion in the use of these applications, and the success of our AI Hub has allowed us to expand and broaden our platform and impact,” said Tran. “We are no longer focused on one or two solutions at a time. We now have the ability to implement broad system changes for important conditions like lung cancer, breast health, cardiac health, and more.”

Learn more about the use of BoneView AI at your health system. 

About Ferrum Health 
Ferrum Health developed an enterprise AI deployment platform with the mission of improving patient outcomes by democratizing health systems’ access to the most innovative and impactful clinical AI technologies from around the world. The solution provides end-to-end AI Hubs able to run countless applications across many service lines and seamlessly integrates clinical imaging and administrative data. As of 2022, more than 750,000 unique patient records have been clearly analyzed via the Ferrum AI Hub platform. For more information: 

GLEAMER’s first globally available AI software, BoneView®, recently received clearance by the U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration and CE mark class 2a certification in Europe. Studies by world-leading radiologists and academic medical doctors have shown that BoneView improves the detection of fractures in X-ray images, providing healthcare professionals with a safe, reliable, time-saving second reading.  GLEAMER develops a suite of AI solutions for Radiology that encapsulate medical-grade expertise. The company wants to support imaging users to secure diagnoses for all patients, at all times while improving efficiency. GLEAMER’s AI Companions are directly integrated with the users’ usual reading environment and act as an automated and transparent second reading to improve diagnostic accuracy in X-ray imaging. GLEAMER’s solutions are currently being used across 16 countries in more than 300 institutions. For more information:

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