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Working with Ferrum Health has been brilliant. We’ve been able to deploy multiple AI algorithms in different clinical settings, and push data to various clinical workflows. The impact for our radiologists, technologists and patients has been positive and significant. The Ferrum Health team has done most of the heavy lifting and have been hugely responsive to our feedback for improvements.

Dr. Lloyd McCann



Today we’re using AI in the review of lung CT scans, in the future our goal is to use AI for multiple indications, such as looking for masses in mammograms, pneumothorax on chest x-rays, etc. We also plan to use AI to assist in learning, perform further analysis of factors that lead to missed nodules, and perhaps even to support optimization of radiation dose.

Dr. Jason Wiesner

Diagnostic Imaging Service Line Medical Director

Joseph GuiffridaJoseph Guiffrida

AI is the future of radiology and plays a significant role in our ability to continuously improve the quality of patient care. Our partnership with Ferrum Health expands our use of AI across different diagnostic and therapeutic areas helping patients throughout their health journey.

Joe Guiffrida



Artificial intelligence is one way we can enhance our digital capabilities in healthcare. It can complement the work of our clinicians—enhancing their ability to care for patients. Our work with Ferrum helps illustrate this approach.

Dr. Albert Chan

Chief of Digital Health

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Gleamer’s BoneView software detects potential fractures in X-rays and identifies them for radiologists to review during study interpretation. Gleamer is deployed at over 300 sites worldwide and has been in active use at Ferrum clients since 2020.

Based off practice with 250,000 annual study volume
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Radiologist efficiency gain on average real-time workflow
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Download the case study on how we helped Sutter Health improve the care of over 925 patients by deploying Oncology AI system-wide in record time.

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