Every 5 seconds, a patient dies from a preventable medical error.


Medical errors kill nearly as many people as heart disease and cancer, but when it comes to finding them, doctors are still flying blind. Ferrum provides health systems around the world with an AI-powered monitoring system to detect medical errors before they affect patient care. 


It’s time to build the future of patient safety.


Health systems are collapsing under the flood of patient data and the weight of antiquated IT infrastructure. Ferrum uses artificial intelligence to filter through the unending stream of patient data to identify medical errors and fix them before they affect the patient.


Enterprise-grade HIPAA security

on-premise Hardened centos platform

Data Protection with AES-256. Linux Namespace Isolation. Host Integrity Monitoring. TLS/AES-256 and X.509 Certificates. LUKS to protect data in-transit and disk encryption to protect data at-rest.

AI-powered error detection

FINDING MISTAKES buried in Unstructured data

Deep learning makes unstructured data accessible with convolutional and recurrent neural networks analyzing the text, data, and imaging in patient records for anomalies.


Edge computing data infrastructure

On-premise security, cloud accessibility

By combining the power of the cloud with the safety of on-premise appliances, Ferrum provides a fully vendor-managed solution that ensures your patient data never leaves your firewall.

Streamlined algorithm marketplace

Deploy ai applications with a single click

With a global app store of production healthcare AI algorithms and applications, build and deploy AI-powered patient safety workflows without burdening your IT and integrations teams.