RBMA SYNC 22 Conference

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Join us at the RBMA SYNC Conference on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, at 11 AM ET as our CEO, Pelu Tran presents AI ROI: The Real Story.

The cost of AI implementation provided by vendors is frequently misleading, looking only at the cost of the product and not including costs associated with the overall evaluation, deployment, and utilization of AI. This limited approach can produce a positively skewed return on investment (ROI) calculation. During this session, Tran will outline factors that must be considered to establish a true cost of AI which can then be utilized to calculate a more accurate ROI.

Interested in discussing the ROI of artificial intelligence in your radiology? Connect with the Ferrum Health team during the conference to learn more.

Please drop us a note (info@ferrumhealth.com) and we can coordinate a meeting during the RBMA SYNC Conference.


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