Podcast: Democratizing Healthcare AI

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Podcast: Democratizing Healthcare AI

As powerful as AI technology is, implementation in healthcare can be a slow process. There is an understandable amount of caution behind decisions to deploy AI tools, but at the same time it significantly slows down technological progress.

Dr. John Banja, professor at the Center for Ethics at Emory University, examines the application of artificial intelligence in radiology in his podcast series ‘AI, Ethics and Radiology’.

Dr. Banja and his guests discuss the ethical challenges AI presents and explore ways AI can assist and support healthcare professionals in providing quality care, driving health equity, and reducing medical errors.  

PODCAST: On Reducing Error in Clinical Care with Artificial Intelligence
May 12, 2022

Pelu Tran, CEO of Ferrum Health, addresses how individual clinicians have virtually no power in what new technology to adopt and that it can take years of deliberation from committees before the technology becomes usable.

“Our mission and what we really believe in is we want healthcare to have a fundamentally different approach to buying technology. We want a world where doctors actually have the capability to buy the technologies and try them and deploy them on patients and figure out which ones work, which ones don’t, which ones benefit patients, which ones harm them, and rapidly evolve in a way that really has never before happened in healthcare.”

A democratized approach to adopting new technology may be foreign to healthcare, but this shift could have an immediate impact on the quality of patient care and health equity.

Listen to the full podcast here

Alex Uy

Alex Uy

Alex is a recent UC San Diego graduate with a degree in economics and communications. His focus is digital marketing, and he has a passion for technology driven healthcare solutions.


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