Podcast: A New Approach to Reducing Medical Error

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Podcast: A New Approach to Reducing Medical Error

Medical errors continue to be a leading cause of death in the U.S., accounting fornearly 250,000 deaths annually. AI offers solutions to the medical error dilemma by giving healthcare professionals the tools they need to work with higher efficiency and confidence.

Dr. John Banja, a professor at the Center for Ethics at Emory University, uses his podcast series ‘AI, Ethics and Radiology’ to explore the application of artificial intelligence in radiology.

Dr. Banja and his guests discuss the ethical challenges AI presents while also looking at ways AI can assist and support healthcare professionals in improving clinical workflow and reducing errors that occur in today’s healthcare system.

PODCAST: On Reducing Error in Clinical Care with Artificial Intelligence
May 12, 2022

Pelu Tran, CEO of Ferrum Health, explains how medical error is often just dismissed as cognitive error rather than system error.

“For some reason, we have this false expectation that doctors should be perfect. What we label as cognitive error is actually just human nature. I think of every cause of cognitive error as actually a system error, and how have other industries solved system errors? They don’t try to make superhuman humans. They try to build in place additional layers of safety.”

One of the core applications of Ferrum’s platform involves running AI in the quality workflow on all imaging data from a health system. This behind-the-scenes, second set of eyes approach to AI deployment ensures world-class patient safety technology is available for all patients, assisting hospitals in driving equitable outcomes for all their patients.

Listen to the full podcast here

Alex Uy

Alex Uy

Alex is a recent UC San Diego graduate with a degree in economics and communications. His focus is digital marketing, and he has a passion for technology driven healthcare solutions.


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