Keep your Patient Data Private

Ferrum’s AI Orchestrator is fully managed to reduce maintenance cost and privately deployed to ensure the security of your patient data.

Ferrum scales third party applications across millions of patients in both the private cloud and in your data centers, getting AI in the hands of your doctors today while futureproofing your organization for tomorrow. 


Speed up application turnaround times by collocating patient data.


Save on network costs by minimizing cloud traffic and support costs


Keep patient data within your firewall and meeting your security standards.

Infrastructure Security

The Ferrum Health Secured AI App Catalog enables medical providers to safely interact with patient health information while eliminating the need to send sensitive data outside of the secure infrastructure.

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Legacy Approach
Traditional AI implementations relay on external vendors and require sensitive data be sent outside the firewall creating a security vulnerability.
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Ferrum Approach
The Ferrum solution and secure AI app catalog enable data to be protected throughout the entire data analysis lifecycle.

Our Integration Ecosystem

Keep your radiologist workflow uninterrupted with Ferrum’s low-maintenance bidirectional integration into your existing PACS and RIS vendor through DICOM and HL7 standards. 


and more...


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Compatibility with all the major technology stacks that are already in place.

Achieve your AI Goals Faster

Ferrum’s turnkey deployment and application management tooling increases your IT team’s bandwidth while saving your organization time and money.

Legacy Approach
With Ferrum
Hours - Average implementation times in hours based on vendor survey data.

Effortless Install

Ferrum comes preconfigured. Just plug our server in or provide a VM, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Fill Install Document

Complete our simple installation document to kick off the installation process.

Install Hardware or VM

The hardware or virtualization technology to enable the platform services is configured.

Connect to PACS/RIS

This step initiates the connection to the AI infrastructure and is the final step to get up and running.

Join the 197 facilities saving IT costs and accelerating AI timelines.


Today we’re using AI in the review of lung CT scans, in the future our goal is to use AI for multiple indications, such as looking for masses in mammograms, pneumothorax on chest x-rays, etc. We also plan to use AI to assist in learning, perform further analysis of factors that lead to missed nodules, and perhaps even to support optimization of radiation dose.

Dr. Jason Wiesner

Diagnostic Imaging Service Line Medical Director


Saving IT Time and Money

Download a free case study to learn how one of the nation’s largest health system’s IT team used Ferrum to save hundreds of thousands of dollars per AI deployment.   

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