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Senior Operations Manager

Ferrum is looking for an enthusiastic, experienced leader to join our team as a Senior Operations Manager. A successful candidate will develop expertise in how Ferrum’s processes, systems and applications work to deliver positive outcomes for our customers. The Senior Operations Manager will oversee all day-to-day activity of Ferrum’s Clinical Operations and AI Partnership teams. Candidates must be comfortable engaging executive-level customers, implementing and improving processes, and translating qualitative and quantitative inputs into action-oriented insights.

The ideal candidate will be:

  • A self-starter, with 5-8 years of experience managing complex deployments and C-suite customer engagements
  • Both an operator and a creative problem solver, keeping the trains on time no matter the weather!
  • Comfortable using data to engage customers and inform internal decision making
  • A leader, with experience managing high-performing teams

What You Might Do

Ferrum is a distributed, rapidly growing company which will require you to assume several roles and responsibilities. Examples include:

  • Oversee frequent interactions with both sides of the Ferrum platform: i) Clinical Leadership; ii) AI Developer Partners
  • Constantly review algorithm and customer performance to identify new opportunities for growth
  • Implement policies and procedures that will improve day-to-day operations and business scalability
  • Understand nuances between customers, tailor operations and strategy to accommodate specific needs
  • Provide ad hoc support relating to Company wide initiatives including OKR and Board reporting

About You

You have a strong track record of delivering wins for your constituents.  You respond enthusiastically with a ‘can do’ attitude. You are able to cultivate and maintain strong working relationships with both customers and members of our team. 

You have excellent time management skills. A day in the life of any startup is fast-paced, and constantly changing. You will be expected to stay on top of many moving parts to support our team and our customers in delivering the highest quality experience.

You have excellent quantitative skills: Like healthcare, our decisions are evidenced based. You are comfortable working with complex data to assess account health, identify overall trends, diagnose potential problems, and find opportunities to improve the overall customer experience. 

 You have a passion for improving healthcare. Your work at Ferrum will have a positive impact on the success of our company, on the quality of care hospitals and health systems deliver, and on patient outcomes. You believe that application of the appropriate technology in medicine will lead to better outcomes and patient care.

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About Ferrum

Ferrum Health simplifies the use of artificial intelligence for health systems, providing an on-premises AI platform that integrates a validated catalog of AI applications from around the world. With Ferrum, health systems can easily implement, validate, and monitor a diverse ecosystem of AI applications. Ferrum’s Healthcare AI Hubs ensure world-class patient safety technology is available for all patients, assisting hospitals in driving equitable outcomes for all their patients.


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