Supporting Providers with precision medicine applications at the patient population level

The implementation of AI can be daunting! Ferrum's Private AI Hub is your solution to assess, validate, and deploy AI applications effortlessly while protecting your patient data.

Common Problems Health Systems Experience that Ferrum Solves:

Private AI Hub Features:

Private Deployment

Protect patient data through private deployment ensuring PHI remains within your health systems firewall.

Specialty AI Catalog

Manage the patient journey from screening to follow-up with AI applications that enhance patient care and support health system administration from our vetted, vendor neutral AI Specialty Catalog.

Continuous Validation Engine

All applications are validated on your equipment and patient data instilling trust in the applications you deploy. Metrics for clinical impact and technical performance are captured and reviewed regularly providing actionable insights.

Key Benefits:

Single Integration

After initial integration all available applications are quickly and easily available for use.

Low IT Burden

Lifecycle for all applications managed by Ferrum ensuring simplification of deployment and interoperability.

Improved ROI

Realize return on your technology investment through a single integration and improved patient care.

Boost Radiologist Confidence

AI tooling helps to highlight anomalies and determine risk probabilities to increase confidence in physician's dtermination.

Customer Experience

Meaningful and highly collaborative support system to meet your unique requests and needs.

Ferrum Validates AI Applications to Ensure They Work on Your Patients

All applications in the Ferrum AI Hubs are validated on your data to ensure high impact and performance in your patient population


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