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Ferrum’s vendor catalog enforces the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. This results in more efficient and consistent diagnoses, leading to better patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

Pick your AI vendors a la carte or leverage Ferrum’s curated AI packages. Use the filters below to explore some of the solutions that are available. For a full list of available AI vendors, contact us below.


Oncology Quality Suite

Proven diagnostic applications driving increased sensitivity, earlier detection, and improved outcomes for the most prevalent cancers.

  • CT Lung Nodule
  • CT Breast Lesion
  • CT Liver Lesion

Productivity Suite

Respond to staffing challenges and provider burnout by automating repetitive tasks and allowing your clinicians to operate at the top of their license.

  • XR Fracture
  • CT Vessel Suppression
  • MG Breast Lesion

Women's Health Suite

Implement solutions to address the full complexity of breast imaging, from accurate density and risk stratification to improved lesion detection and callback rates. 

  • MG Breast Lesion
  • MG Breast Density
  • MG Breast Risk

Population Health Suite

Steer your organization’s transition to value-based care by implementing solutions to improve outcomes and better coordinate care for your most prevalent and costly patient populations.

  • CT AAA
  • CT CAC
  • CT Osteoporosis

Vendor Spotlight

Gleamer’s BoneView software detects potential fractures in X-rays and identifies them for radiologists to review during study interpretation. Gleamer is deployed at over 300 sites worldwide and has been in active use at Ferrum clients since 2020.

For a radiology practice with 125,000 annual XR study volume
0 %
Radiologist Efficiency Gain on MSK XRs
Additional patients requiring further clinical workup
$ 0 K
Annual expected return

Join the 197 facilities saving IT costs and accelerating AI timelines.


Ferrum Health has been instrumental in enabling Boneview’s successful commercial deployment in the US. Their commitment to transparency and collaboration is unparalleled, and their expertise and support have been invaluable in navigating the complexities of the healthcare industry.

Christian Allouche



Ferrum has been an invaluable partner to CoRead, playing a critical role in our ability to develop and implement innovative solutions that improve patient safety and care. Thanks to Ferrum’s comprehensive AI platform, CoRead has been able to leverage the power of AI in new and effective ways, achieving positive outcomes for the healthcare providers and organizations with whom we collaborate.

Lawrence Ngo



As a result of iCAD’s partnership with Ferrum Health, together we empower our customers to detect breast cancers earlier and improve outcomes for patients. iCad understands there’s a significant return on investment in operational efficiencies when implementing iCAD’s ProFound AI Breast Suite of cancer detection, density assessment and risk evaluation solutions through the Ferrum Platform.

Dana Brown

President and CEO


Ferrum Health is an excellent partner for Lucida Medical, making it straightforward for customers to deploy our much-needed Prostate Intelligence™ technology in the healthcare sector. Through Ferrum, we have transparent access to customers and can connect directly with the decision-makers. This is proving to be tremendously effective.

Antony Rix



We were impressed with Ferrum’s rapid integration and deployment process, which enabled us to onboard and pilot our MRI brain solutions at a customer site within weeks.

Andreas Lemke



We are pleased to partner with Ferrum Health to bring the ClearRead technology to their Radiology AI Hub. Ferrum Health is simplifying enterprise healthcare AI deployment, and we are thrilled to offer our Clear Visual Intelligence solutions to their providers.

Steve Worrell



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INSIGHT CXR Chest X-ray Analysis

Lunit INSIGHT CXR detects 10 abnormal radiologic findings with 97-99% accuracy.

Findings include:  Lung Nodule, Pneumothorax, Atelectasis, Cardiomegaly, Calcification, Consolidation, Pleural Effusion, Pneumoperitoneum, Mediastinal widening, and Fibrosis. 

mdbrain Brain Aneurysms

Based on TOF sequences mdbrain automatically detects and quantifies aneurysms

mdbrain Brain Volumetry

Based on 3D-T1w sequences, mdbrain segments the brain and provides volumes by region

AVIEW CAC Coronary Artery Calcification

Quantify coronary artery calcification and measure the risk of coronary arterial disease by accurately analyzing the calcified plaques in coronary arteries. Report includes CAC scores for each blood vessel, risk distribution by age group, and findings on CT image(s)

BoneView Fracture Detection

CE Clearance

BoneView AI provides radiologists and ED doctors with an instant and automatic 2nd reading of trauma X-Rays fully integrated into the reading workflow.

BoneView for US Fracture Detection


BoneView AI provides radiologists and ED doctors with an instant and automatic 2nd reading of trauma X-Rays fully integrated into the reading workflow.

Profound AI Risk Breast Risk Score

ProFound AI® Risk is the world’s first clinical decision support tool that provides an accurate short-term, one-year future risk estimation that is truly personalized for each woman, based only on her mammogram.

ProFound AI for 2d and 3d Mammography

The ProFound AI algorithm rapidly and accurately analyzes each individual image or slice and identifies potentially malignant lesions. Trained with one of the largest available 3D image datasets, ProFound AI provides radiologists with crucial information, such as lesion Certainty of Finding and Case Scores, which assists in prioritizing caseload, clinical decision-making and may help to reduce physician burnout. 

PowerLook Density Assessment Breast Density

PowerLook Density Assessment, an automated breast density solution, is designed for Radiologists reading mammography who want to standardize the assessment and reporting of breast density  PowerLook Density Assessment is designed to analyze dense tissue present in a mammogram. It identifies the risk of potentially masking cancer, then maps the PowerLook Density Assessment results to a density category corresponding to BI-RADS Density Assessment categories. 

IB Lab KOALA Knee Osteoarthritis

IB Lab KOALA supports physicians in detection signs of knee osteoarthritis based on standard joint parameters and OARSI criteria of standing radiographs of the knee. 

IB Lab PANDA Pediatric Bone Age

Automated tool to estimate bone age for accurate assessment of child growth and development

IB Lab LAMA Leg Angle Measurement

Fully automated tool to aid in measurement of leg geometry

IB Lab HIPPO Hip Positioning Assistant

Automated measurements of 34 hip angles to aid in surgeries

RV/LV Analysis Right Ventricular Strain

Automated assessment of potential right ventricular dilation in positive PE studies.

Imbio’s CT RV/LV Software identifies the maximal ventricular diameters of the heart and calculates the ratio of right ventricular diameter to left ventricular diameter. This is calculation is produced as a result of four steps: 1) ventricle detection, 2) ventricle segmentation, 3) interventricular septum detection, 4) caliper positioning and measurement.

Prostate Intelligence (Pi) Prostate Mass

Prostate Intelligence, is an AI and machine learning based software system designed to help radiologists detect and report the presence of prostate cancer lesions from MR scans (MRI). Pi provides  volume calculations, lesion segmentation, and risk scores.

CINA-ICH Intracranial Hemorrhage

Secondary read to identify suspected intracranial hemorrhage for head trauma and stroke patients. CINA-ICH uses deep learning to identify suspected intracranial hemorrhage and prioritizes those cases in the worklist, dramatically reducing turnaround time for head trauma and stroke patients.

Health CCS Coronary Artery Calcification

The product is aimed to leverage the high utilization of CT scans in the medical care environment (both inpatient and outpatient), including lung cancer screening programs, in order to automatically detect calcification in the coronary arteries of patients in an opportunistic manner. 

HealthOST Vertebral Compression Fractures

HealthOST is an image processing software that provides qualitative and quantitative analysis of the spine from CT images to support clinicians in the evaluation and assessment of musculoskeletal disease of the spine

CoLumbo MRI Lumbar Spine

CoLumbo reads, segments, measures and classifies MRI images to provide suspected pathology description, findings and measurements with pre-populated structured or free text report qER Intracranial Hemorrhage

qER aids in alerting the neuro-critical care team about 11 findings on non-contrast head CTs (NCCT), enabling faster decision-making for timely care

ClearRead CT CT Vessel Suppression and Detect

ClearRead CT Vessel Suppress aids radiologists by suppressing normal structures in the input chest CT series. ClearRead CT Detect aids radiologists in the detection and characterization of nodules in the input chest CT series

ClearRead XR X-ray Bone Suppression and Detect

ClearRead Xray Bone Suppress increases the visibility of soft tissue in standard chest XRs by suppressing the bone on the digital image without the need for two exposures. ClearRead Xray Detect offers improved detection of 9-30mm nodules, and detection of 1 in 2 previously missed lung nodules, and it allows radiologists to detect lung cancer up to 18 months sooner

Breast Lesions on Ultrasound

Analyzes breast ultrasound

Images to identify and characterize potentially malignant lesions.

Breast Lesions on DBT

Second read for digital mammograms to identify and characterize potentially malignant lesions.MammoScreen is intended for use as a concurrent reading aid for interpreting physicians, to help identify findings on screening FFDM or DBT acquired with compatible mammography systems, and assess their level of suspicion. Output of the device includes marks placed on findings on the mammogram and level of suspicion scores. The findings could be soft tissue lesions or calcifications. The level of suspicion score is expressed at the finding level, for each breast and overall for the mammogram Standardized Echo Reports

Standardized echo reads for retrospective, prospective and longitudinal surveillance with zero variability, 2 minute processing, providing a full suite of heart measurement to support population health at scale. 

Dr. Aid Pneumothorax

Secondary read run automatically on all Chest XRs looking for the presence of Pneumothorax

VUNO Med-Chest X-ray Chest X-Rays

The system analyzes the abnormality of five major findings( Interstitial Opacity, Consolidation, Pneumothorax, Pleural Effusion, Module/Mass) to support doctors with the diagnosis of major lung diseases such as lung cancer, tuberculosis and pneumonia based on a combination of findings.

Pulmonary Embolism

Identify missed or incidental pulmonary embolism on CT scans.

Liver Lesions

Identifies potentially malignant masses of the liver, both primary and secondary (more common).

Undiagnosed liver metastases may lead to incorrect cancer staging which translates into incorrect therapies and patient outcomes.  Up to  70%
of people with colorectal cancer eventually develop liver metastases Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in both men and women.

Breast Lesions on CT

Enhanced detection of breast masses potentially resulting in earlier detection of breast cancer at a more treatable stage. CT can detect lesions that are not apparent on mammogram.

Improved patient outcomes and reduced medicolegal liability 


Sutter Health

Use the button below to download your free case study and learn how our approach to validation has improved the number of clinically significant findings in AI software.