VinBrain Case Study: Exact Detection of Acute Cases – Pneumothorax

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VinBrain Case Study: Exact Detection of Acute Cases – Pneumothorax


A rib fracture or broken rib is one o the most common injuries to the chest, with rib fractures as the most common thoracic injury from blunt force trauma. Uncomplicated single rib fractures can be managed easily. However, multiple rib fractures may result in pneumothorax, a life-threatening emergency.

Clinical Case

  • A 55-year-old female toppled to the right side experiencing thoracic tenderness and mild shortness of breath.
  • Image findings:
    • Partially displaced rib fractures and a pneumothorax on the right side.
    • Fractures of the right ribs 3-8 were obvious with a displacement of the 5th and 6th ribs.
    • The thin pleural line and the lack of the pulmonary vessels in the right apex visibly reflect a pneumothorax. 
    • Subcutaneous emphysema of the thoracic wall.
Figure 1: Original X-ray image
Figure 2: DrAid for Pneumothorax outlines the suspect area
Figure 3: DrAid for Pneumothorax outlines the fracture area


DrAid for Pneumothorax analyzed the acute case quickly and precisely, which helps in emergencies and protects the patient from a life-threatening situation.

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