VinBrain Case Study: Accurate Analysis for ICU Patients – Pneumothorax

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VinBrain Case Study: Accurate Analysis for ICU Patients – Pneumothorax


ICU patients often have chest x-ray images taken at the bedside with a portable x-ray machine while many medical devices are placed on their bodies. This makes diagnosis more complex than a common patient.

Clinical Case

  • A 40-year-old female patient with post endotracheal tube placement with known COViD pneumonia
  • Image findings:
    • Interval placement of endotracheal tube terminating 3 cm from the carina.
    • Large right tension pneumothorax and scattered lucencies are seen.
    • The cardiomediastial silhouette is shifted into the left hemithorax, and the vasculature is obscured.
    • Complete collapse of the right lung.
    • Diffuse patchy airspace opacities in the left hemithorax
    • No pleural, osseous, or soft tissue abnormalities
    • The patient has many medical devices placed on their body, and more than one abnormal finding appears on the lungs.
  • The patient was diagnosed with sizeable right tension pneumothorax, with a complete right lung collapse and a leftward shift of the cardiac mediastinal silhouette.
Figure 1: Original X-ray image
Figure 2: DrAid for Pneumothorax outlines the suspect area
Figure 3: DrAid for Pneumothorax highlights suspect area by heat map


DrAid for Pneumothorax was able to accurately analyze the suspected pneumothorax on the x-ray images of the ICU patient with many overlapping findings.

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