Therapixel Case Study: AI MammoScreen Helps to Avoid Errors

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Therapixel Case Study: AI Helps to Avoid Errors


AI-guided breast cancer detection system, such as MammoScreen, provides radiologists the reassurance and avoid errors.   

Clinical case

  • A 71-year-old female requests a second opinion
  • A palpable right breast mass had been negated 1 month prior
  • Utilizing MammoScreen on the second image, the mass was detected with a score of 9
  • The mass was found on ultrasound with a measurement of 20mm and an MRI shows a large mass
  • With the high score, the AI could have alerted the first radiologist, fortunately, the patient requested a second opinion
  • Biopsy result: invasive ductal carcinoma grade 3


The use of MammoScreen is reliable in the detection of cancer and helps to avoid errors.

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