Therapixel Case Study: AI Helps to Detect Breast Cancer Earlier

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Therapixel Case Study: AI Helps to Detect Breast Cancer Earlier


One in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Early detection of breast cancer is key before the cancer metastasizes. MammoScreen, an AI-guided system for breast cancer screening can assist radiologists to detect cancer earlier. 

Clinical case

  • A 69-year-old female patient had a routine screening mammogram 
  • MammoScreen points to an increased opacity at the union of the outer quadrants of the right breast with a red flag (score of 9)
  • This lesion had been present on a 2019 exam and a spot compression had been made
  • An additional ultrasound was performed in 2021 and did not find any suspicious lesions
  • Due to the red flag, a breast MRI was requested and a suspicious superior-external lesion is detected.
  • Biopsy Result: infiltrating adenocarcinoma associated with intracanal carcinoma


The Therapixel Study suggests the use of AI-guided decision-making support, such as Mammoscreen, is reliable in assisting in the early detection of breast cancer. 

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