Secure, Scalable, Ferrum Maintained AI Hub

Our AI Hub meets the needs of your executive and clinical stakeholders, without adding to the IT Department workload

One AI Hub, Single Integration

We support health system and third party vendor integrations

Use Cases to Meet Your Needs

Countless AI applications, use cases, and service lines supported

Effortlessly Deploy Multiple AI Algorithms

We manage all 3rd party AI validation, deployment, and maintenance

Ferrum's AI Hub

Enables hospital systems to find, deploy, and support best in class healthcare AI applications across different workflows at enterprise scale

Ferrum Platform

On-Premises for Max Security

Ferrum’s hybrid on-prem platform ensures patient data is stored at the hospital and processed on-site, not in the cloud, reducing security risks and maintaining privacy.

ML processing happens on deidentified and anonymized data.

Hybrid Cloud for Scalability

Management tools in the cloud ensure lower IT burden, while keeping data on premises and safe.

Ferrum’s hybrid platform can be scaled up as your organizational needs grow, ensuring that your infrastructure is future proof.

AI Application Support

Ferrum supports third party AI applications across clinical service lines, at enterprise scale.

We curate and validate a catalog of leading AI applications that are ready to deploy turnkey style onto the Ferrum platform. We manage vetting, contracting, use case definition, and integrations with your hospital information systems.

Vendor Managed Platform

The Ferrum platform can be deployed, activated, and integrated with hospital data systems within a matter of days, not months.

Ferrum's expert platform management team handles upgrades and maintenance - reducing IT team burden.

Leading Security Features

Our security features include HIPAA compliant, on-premises and cloud hosted solutions.

Security features include AES-256 encryption, role based access control, single sign-on,
high availability and fault
tolerance and more.

Industry Integrations

DICOM, HL7, and FHIR enable support for all standard healthcare system integrations.

This includes the PACS, RIS, EHR, along with other administrative systems for billing and scheduling.


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