Supporting Providers and Enhancing Patient Care Through AI Solutions

Achieve new and superior levels of patient analytics and AI capabilities with Ferrum's Enterprise AI HUB

Symbiotic, Proactive Approach

Our Enterprise AI Hub enables AI tools to be utilized together, scanning for medical errors, archiving patient records, optimizing data collection processes, and providing better access to analytics and results. With these new user-friendly tools, healthcare providers can shift patient care from reactive to proactive.

Improves Quality at an Enterprise Scale

Our Enterprise AI Hub increases the healthcare providers’ level of accuracy for screening and diagnosis, without changing provider workflow. Delivering quality coverage for all patients, our AI Hub targets the greatest pain points in the system, enabling the use of AI at enterprise scale.

Revolutionary AI Hub with Low IT Burden

Ferrum’s Enterprise AI Hub offer a revolutionary and sophisticated infrastructure with user-friendly tools to manage a suite of AI algorithms. This solution upgrades and enhances the healthcare systems’ existing technology to provide access to AI capabilities that transform patient care.

“These advancements in medical technology are revolutionizing the way physicians give and patients receive care. Wide adoption of clinical AI tools will change healthcare for the better.”

Pelu Tran
CEO and Co-Founder

Common Problems Health Systems Experience That Ferrum’s AI Hub Solves

Healthcare AI Hub Solution

User-Friendly AI Hubs

Scans for issues in the background when deployed in the quality worflow

Clearly identifies discrepancies and alerts when action is to be taken

Partner with your health system to identify and validate additional algorithms for deployment at enterprise scale

Validated and Monitored

Validated on your specific patient population and equipment 

Ongoing performance monitoring over the lifetime use of algorithms

Measure and monitor clinical performance providing actionable insights throughout the patient journey

AI Enhanced Peer Review Finds Undocumented Lung Nodules

Using Ferrum's Oncology AI Hub, a large health system finds 118 clinically significant undocumented lung nodules that directly impact patient care.


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