AI Elevates Healthcare Workers to Reduce Burnout

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AI Elevates Healthcare Workers to Reduce Burnout

Healthcare workers have gone above and beyond during the COVID-19 pandemic. An already global shortage of healthcare providers combined with an increased workload has led to higher levels of stress and exhaustion. New survey results show that 49% of radiologists report feeling burned out, ranging from field residents to career radiologists. One of the most impactful ways to ease the burden is to implement AI technology to improve workflow. This week’s Domain Knowledge highlights the use of AI to optimize both administrative and clinical processes as a way to reduce burnout.

Administrative work dealing with patient records is a very important, yet time consuming aspect of healthcare work. Electronic health records (EHR) contain huge amounts of patient data but recording and extracting the data is a resource-intensive task. AI is helping to automate the completion of patient registries as well as organizing patient data to be more readily available for use. Utilizing AI allows health care providers to focus on providing the best care possible.

With the current labor shortage across the healthcare industry, AI plays a key role in elevating each individual healthcare worker. A recent Forbes article discusses how AI is being used to take better care of already strained healthcare workers. In addition to improving the work experience, AI use will enable more career and financial opportunities for healthcare workers.

Provider scheduling is another administrative task that can add to burnout. New AI-based scheduling systems afford more flexibility for workers and encourage a better work-life balance. Using an AI tool, the schedules are optimized and more efficiently produced, taking less than one-fifth of the time it previously took to produce a monthly schedule. The engagement scores after implementing this system shot up as well, going from 3.3 to 4.5 out of 5 on average.

That’s a wrap for this week’s review of news and happenings in the healthcare AI space. In closing, I’ll leave you with an invitation to learn more about the benefits of using an AI Hub to manage multiple applications across your clinical needs and offer you a personal demo of Ferrum’s platform and growing AI catalog.

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Alex Uy

Alex Uy

Alex is a recent UC San Diego graduate with a degree in economics and communications. His focus is digital marketing, and he has a passion for technology driven healthcare solutions.


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